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  • Heavy Duty Cable Protection Tiles

    Alcomet have expanded their range of Cable Protection to include Heavy Duty Cable Protection Tiles. The impact resistant tiles are specifically designed to withstand damage from plant and tools. Significantly lighter than concrete cable covers the tiles are quick and easy to install using plastic jointing pegs. The new range is a direct replacement for concrete covers and steel plate. The durable recycled polymer design, is not only lightweight, but rot proof and offer excellent resistance to a wide range of soil types.

    The highly visible Cable Tiles provide a clear warning to any third parties working in the area. Alcomet can supply cable tiles to meet the DNO specification and be customised to have your company logo, name and contact information for clear identification. The standard cable tile sizes are 450mm, 300mm and 244mm wide x 1000mm long (please note other sizes are available).

    For more information about our Cable Protection Tiles please call us on 01384 404488 or click here.

  • Alcomet assist a project manager in need!

    Alcomet were recently contacted by an project manager who works for one of the largest UK construction companies. Alcomet were given a time critical deadline of 2 weeks to design, manufacture and deliver a specialist spigot to prevent a delay in the project being energized. Our specialist Technical Manager designed a spigot in line with the customer’s strict requirements and the spigots were delivered well within the deadline. The customer was very happy that the efficient service and quick turnaround that we provided enabled them to successfully complete the project without any time penalties.

    Alcomet are able to offer standard Power Connectors, material take offs, bespoke designs meeting DNO specifications and produce bill of materials to suit your power connector requirements. We can provide a quote within 48 hours and offer a speedy delivery to site.

    For more information on any of our product range please give us a call on 01384 404488 or click here. 

  • Improving site safety in High Voltage Substations - Need to clearly mark out an area for safety reasons?

    Alcomet have recently launched their new range of demarcation cones for use in substations and transmission sites. The demarcation cones are used as a safety system within a substation for personnel working on or near equipment by clearly showing safe and unsafe boundaries.

    The durable demarcation cones Alcomet supply are available to meet the UK electricity network specifications. Alcomet can provide demarcation cones in various colours such as yellow, red, blue and green. The standard heights supplied are 50cm, 75cm or 1275cm high. The low maintenance demarcation cones can provide excellent resistance to damage and outdoor exposure whilst the vibrant colours ensure that the cones are highly visible within the substation to ensure personnel safety. showing safe and unsafe boundaries.

    Also, we stock a wide range of plastic chains to use with the demarcation cone safety system. The colours of the plastic chains, which also denote the safety areas within the substation, can be supplied in blue and white, red and white, yellow and black and yellow. Additional to the demarcation cone range, we can supply sign boards, chain holders and sign holders.  

    If you would like a quotation, then call our team today on 01384 404488 or click here for more information.

  • Off to a flying start!

    Congratulations Ollie!

    Ollie was recently named as one of the new faces joining the Worcester Warriors first team for the 2018/19 season.  Ollie caught the teams eye in 2017 when he played for the team against Sale Sharks, scoring a try in his debut.  Everyone at Alcomet is really pleased for Ollie Lawrence who has made his first premiership appearance for Worcester Warriors against Exeter Chiefs in September.  The match ultimately ended in defeat for the Warriors, but was an impressive start non the less for Ollie who joined the side in the 60th minute of the game, Despite the match outcome Ollie’s premiership debut was outstanding, and heshowed excellent skill and control.

    Alcomet are really pleased for Ollie and can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has to offer.

  • New Power Connector Brochure Released

    Our new brochure makes ordering power connectors easier than ever.

    Alcomet have recently released a Power Connector Brochure. The brochure breaks the connectors down into easy to identify categories and provides additional information such as palm drilling options, amp rating and conductor size and type.

    Each power connector type has a clear image of the connector, making it even easier to identify the correct product.

    With clear and concise information and speed service, it’s never been easier to order Power Connectors.

    For more information check out our brochure or give us a call on 01384 404488 and speak to our team.

  • On the road to success

    Alcomet are proud to help a local rising rugby star, Ollie Lawrence, get on the road tosuccess, by providing the aspiring rugby player with a car.  Ollie recently passed his driving test and Gary James, Alcomet’s Managing Director was pleased to offer his support by providing Ollie with a car that would ensure he could get to his training sessions with ease.

    Ollie has played for a number of local and county level teams, recently making his debut for Worcester Warriors first team in the Anglo-Welsh Cup against Sale Sharks and the young age of 18. Ollie has been touted as ‘one to watch’ and at the young age of 17 he has played for the England Under 18’s and Under 20’s teams this season.

    Alcomet couldn’t be happier to support the local talent and will be cheering Ollie on in the upcoming season.

  • Happy Birthday Alcomet

    Alcomet is 20 years old today!!!

    Established on the 23rd January 1998, Alcomet have been providing unrivaled customer service and excellent quality products for the past twenty years.
    Starting out as a non-ferrous metals wholesaler Alcomet have developed and refined our product range and knowledge base over the years. Working with our engineers in the field and listening to feedback we have developed several product ranges that make a difference for our customers.

    From our award winning Guardian Security range, to our safety critical portable earth leads, Alcomet have always been quick to respond to our customers’ requests and always come up with the winning solution.

    Some of our notable products include:
    The Guardian Security Range, our award winning Guardian Security range tackles the problem of theft and vandalism in substations. Our range of security fixings and guards provide increased security making it exceptionally difficult for theft and vandalism to take place, reducing the costs surround replacing the materials and increasing the onsite safety.

    The Alcomet Fuse Carrier, a unique product that allows customers to replace asbestos laced Artic fuses with the Alcomet Fuse Carrier. Installing the Alcomet Fuse Carrier removes the risk of exposure to asbestos, and allows the existing equipment to be used without the need to install new fuse holders.

    Triton Portable Earthing Device, developed with engineers who were unable to safely earth 11kV metal clad switch gear due to broken or missing manufacturers parts, with no option for replacement. The Triton has been designed to accommodate a full range of isolating contacts that will fit into most switchgear. In addition to the Triton’s ability to earth equipment its unique design also enables it to be used to carry out fault location / pressure testing on 11kV apparatus.

    Oil Circuit Breaker Contacts, with aging oil circuit breakers installed on the network and the original manufactures no longer in operations, Alcomet have developed a range of contacts that are made to the original manufactures drawings. Ensuring that costly outages can be kept to a minimum and planned maintenance can be carried out without any difficulties sourcing replacement parts.

    With many new product ranges in development the next twenty year looks to be even more exciting than the past. To be kept up to date with Alcomet’s lastest product development click here.

    To take a look at our full range of products click here.

  • Bespoke GRP Meter Boxes Solution

    When a customer called Alcomet recently in search of a meter box we were happy to put our best team on it.

    After exhausting their search for an off the shelf product that met their strict criteria they fortunately got in touch with Alcomet. The design they required was far shallower than the standard product and in addition the meter boxes were needed onsite within 2 weeks.

    Our team discussed the product requirements with the customer and we were able to provide a suitable bespoke solution which could be manufactured and delivered within 2 weeks.

    The customer was delighted with the quality of the product, and the swift service they had received from the Alcomet Team.

    Our GRP meter boxes can be provided in a wide range of sizes to suit all applications. We offer GRP meter boxes up to a IP65 rating, ensuring that the important equipment housed within is kept clean and dry. GRP meter boxes are lightweight, non-conductive and there is no maintenance required once installed as they do not rust or corrode.

    For more information about the range click here, or to see our other range of GRP products head to our GRP Solutions page.

  • Swift Delivery for Power Connectors

    Alcomet’s swift delivery was put to the test recently when a customer contacted us with an urgent enquiry for bespoke power connectors.

    With the appointment of our Technical Manager for Power Connectors we have been able to offer our customers an even more comprehensive service. We can now provide a material take off, bill of materials and quote within 48 hours and we will offer speedy delivery of the products to site.

    This service proved invaluable to a recent customer who contacted Alcomet when they had received the site drawings last minute. It was crucial that the Power Connectors were on site within 2 weeks in line with the completion deadline. Alcomet were able to complete the material take off, providing the customer with the bill of materials on the same day as receiving the drawings from the customer. Ultimately we delivered the materials to site within a week. Exceeding the customers’ expectations and saving the customer potential fines incurred for late completion.

    For more information about our Power Connector services click here.

  • Fire Rated GRP Phenolic Grating

    Alcomet now stock Phenolic GRP Grating. The most effective fire resistant GRP grating.

    Our fire rated phenolic grating is tested and adheres to the strict safety standards of BS476-6, BS476-7, BS6853:1999 and ASTM, offering a slow burn time, low smoke and low toxic fume emissions. The pultruded phenolic grating is able to withstand direct flame for an extended period, without sustaining major structural damage making it the ideal solution for use in areas where there is a high risk of fire and/or smoke toxicity such as enclosed spaces, tunnels, off shore oil rigs and refineries etc.

    As well as the excellent fire rating it has exceptional strength and load bearing capabilities across longer spans than standard moulded panels and conforms to BS 4592-0:2012 and BS EN 14122-2012.

    Our phenolic grating is also available with an anti-slip coating. For more information click here.

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