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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • Alcomet GRP Bridging Ladders Used in Rhino Charge!

    This month Alcomet have offered to support the Bundufundis with a selection of bridging ladders for their gruelling challenge in the annual Rhino Charge event.

    The Rhino Charge is an off-road 4WD event held in Kenya, East Africa, and is all in the name of charity. Funds raised (around 1,000,000USD annually) are used by the Rhino Ark Charitable Trust to construct electrified fences around vital water catchment and wildlife areas in Kenya’s central highlands. In doing so these areas are protected from deforestation, wildlife is protected from poaching and crucially the surrounding communities can sleep comfortably knowing their crops are protected from marauding wildlife.

    The Rhino Charge is unique – it involves skillful driving, orienteering, and mechanical knowledge. Teams have to drive their vehicle, un-aided, across wild terrain with no road infrastructure. The aim is to visit 13 checkpoints strategically placed across the countryside in the shortest possible distance, within 10 hours. The overall distance covered is no more than 30 kilometres so one can see how tough it is…

    The terrain is often eroded and crossing small gullies is time consuming and tough. The Bundufundis have discovered a simple yet effective method to save time and effort – Alcomet GRP bridging ladders. Bridging ladders are lightweight, strong and portable. They can be used to span ditches, create ramps to climb steep sides and are invaluable when the vehicle gets stuck – to place under the wheels or for use as jacking stands in soft ground.

    For more information about the Rhino Charge or to donate to this great cause please visit the Bundufundi website at: and the Rhino Ark charitable Trust can be explored at:

    For more information on our range of GRP Solutions click here.

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  • The Alcomet Team Enjoying the Express and Star Business Awards

    The Staff at Alcomet had a fabulous evening last week at the Express and Star Business Awards where we received two nominations.

    Managing Director Gary James said "I am immensely proud of what Alcomet has achieved this year and I am grateful to have such a dedicated team around me".

    It was a honor to be involved in such a prestigious awards ceremony and we hope to return again next year with a nomination in the Innovation category for the Alcomet Fuse Carrier.

    For more information on the Alcomet Fuse Carrier please click here.

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