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Happy Birthday Alcomet

Alcomet is 20 years old today!!!

Established on the 23rd January 1998, Alcomet have been providing unrivaled customer service and excellent quality products for the past twenty years.
Starting out as a non-ferrous metals wholesaler Alcomet have developed and refined our product range and knowledge base over the years. Working with our engineers in the field and listening to feedback we have developed several product ranges that make a difference for our customers.

From our award winning Guardian Security range, to our safety critical portable earth leads, Alcomet have always been quick to respond to our customers’ requests and always come up with the winning solution.

Some of our notable products include:
The Guardian Security Range, our award winning Guardian Security range tackles the problem of theft and vandalism in substations. Our range of security fixings and guards provide increased security making it exceptionally difficult for theft and vandalism to take place, reducing the costs surround replacing the materials and increasing the onsite safety.

The Alcomet Fuse Carrier, a unique product that allows customers to replace asbestos laced Artic fuses with the Alcomet Fuse Carrier. Installing the Alcomet Fuse Carrier removes the risk of exposure to asbestos, and allows the existing equipment to be used without the need to install new fuse holders.

Triton Portable Earthing Device, developed with engineers who were unable to safely earth 11kV metal clad switch gear due to broken or missing manufacturers parts, with no option for replacement. The Triton has been designed to accommodate a full range of isolating contacts that will fit into most switchgear. In addition to the Triton’s ability to earth equipment its unique design also enables it to be used to carry out fault location / pressure testing on 11kV apparatus.

Oil Circuit Breaker Contacts, with aging oil circuit breakers installed on the network and the original manufactures no longer in operations, Alcomet have developed a range of contacts that are made to the original manufactures drawings. Ensuring that costly outages can be kept to a minimum and planned maintenance can be carried out without any difficulties sourcing replacement parts.

With many new product ranges in development the next twenty year looks to be even more exciting than the past. To be kept up to date with Alcomet’s lastest product development click here.

To take a look at our full range of products click here.