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Alcomet In The Community

Alcomet is committed to enhancing the local community. As well as our ongoing sponsorship to local teams and organisations Alcomet also support recognised national charities.

  • On the road to success

    Alcomet are proud to help a local rising rugby star, Ollie Lawrence, get on the road tosuccess, by providing the aspiring rugby player with a car.  Ollie recently passed his driving test and Gary James, Alcomet’s Managing Director was pleased to offer his support by providing Ollie with a car that would ensure he could get to his training sessions with ease.

    Ollie has played for a number of local and county level teams, recently making his debut for Worcester Warriors first team in the Anglo-Welsh Cup against Sale Sharks and the young age of 18. Ollie has been touted as ‘one to watch’ and at the young age of 17 he has played for the England Under 18’s and Under 20’s teams this season.

    Alcomet couldn’t be happier to support the local talent and will be cheering Ollie on in the upcoming season.

  • Happy Birthday Alcomet

    Alcomet is 20 years old today!!!

    Established on the 23rd January 1998, Alcomet have been providing unrivaled customer service and excellent quality products for the past twenty years.
    Starting out as a non-ferrous metals wholesaler Alcomet have developed and refined our product range and knowledge base over the years. Working with our engineers in the field and listening to feedback we have developed several product ranges that make a difference for our customers.

    From our award winning Guardian Security range, to our safety critical portable earth leads, Alcomet have always been quick to respond to our customers’ requests and always come up with the winning solution.

    Some of our notable products include:
    The Guardian Security Range, our award winning Guardian Security range tackles the problem of theft and vandalism in substations. Our range of security fixings and guards provide increased security making it exceptionally difficult for theft and vandalism to take place, reducing the costs surround replacing the materials and increasing the onsite safety.

    The Alcomet Fuse Carrier, a unique product that allows customers to replace asbestos laced Artic fuses with the Alcomet Fuse Carrier. Installing the Alcomet Fuse Carrier removes the risk of exposure to asbestos, and allows the existing equipment to be used without the need to install new fuse holders.

    Triton Portable Earthing Device, developed with engineers who were unable to safely earth 11kV metal clad switch gear due to broken or missing manufacturers parts, with no option for replacement. The Triton has been designed to accommodate a full range of isolating contacts that will fit into most switchgear. In addition to the Triton’s ability to earth equipment its unique design also enables it to be used to carry out fault location / pressure testing on 11kV apparatus.

    Oil Circuit Breaker Contacts, with aging oil circuit breakers installed on the network and the original manufactures no longer in operations, Alcomet have developed a range of contacts that are made to the original manufactures drawings. Ensuring that costly outages can be kept to a minimum and planned maintenance can be carried out without any difficulties sourcing replacement parts.

    With many new product ranges in development the next twenty year looks to be even more exciting than the past. To be kept up to date with Alcomet’s lastest product development click here.

    To take a look at our full range of products click here.

  • Congratulations to OSH Rugby Team

    Alcomet were the proud sponsors of the OSH School Canadian Rugby tour this summer.

    The hard work and training that the 40 strong squad did in preparation for the tour paid off as they won the majority of their games against their Canadian rivals.

    Special mention goes out to Kyle James for being awarded Man of the Match against the Edmonton Druids.

    A big well done to all of those who took part and made the tour such a success.

  • Alcomet GRP Bridging Ladders Used in Rhino Charge!

    This month Alcomet have offered to support the Bundufundis with a selection of bridging ladders for their gruelling challenge in the annual Rhino Charge event.

    The Rhino Charge is an off-road 4WD event held in Kenya, East Africa, and is all in the name of charity. Funds raised (around 1,000,000USD annually) are used by the Rhino Ark Charitable Trust to construct electrified fences around vital water catchment and wildlife areas in Kenya’s central highlands. In doing so these areas are protected from deforestation, wildlife is protected from poaching and crucially the surrounding communities can sleep comfortably knowing their crops are protected from marauding wildlife.

    The Rhino Charge is unique – it involves skillful driving, orienteering, and mechanical knowledge. Teams have to drive their vehicle, un-aided, across wild terrain with no road infrastructure. The aim is to visit 13 checkpoints strategically placed across the countryside in the shortest possible distance, within 10 hours. The overall distance covered is no more than 30 kilometres so one can see how tough it is…

    The terrain is often eroded and crossing small gullies is time consuming and tough. The Bundufundis have discovered a simple yet effective method to save time and effort – Alcomet GRP bridging ladders. Bridging ladders are lightweight, strong and portable. They can be used to span ditches, create ramps to climb steep sides and are invaluable when the vehicle gets stuck – to place under the wheels or for use as jacking stands in soft ground.

    For more information about the Rhino Charge or to donate to this great cause please visit the Bundufundi website at: and the Rhino Ark charitable Trust can be explored at:

    For more information on our range of GRP Solutions click here.

  • Alcomet Support Local School Rugby Team

    Alcomet continually strive to support their local community in many ways and have recently received the below letter acknowledging their contributions to a local Rugby team.

    Mr James

    On behalf of the senior rugby squad from Old Swinford Hospital School, West Midlands, I am writing to formally acknowledge and thank Alcomet for their generous donation towards the playing kit for our summer Canadian tour.

    Without such support and help from Alcomet and yourself personally our ambitious plans for the tour would be much harder to make a reality. The squad of 40 players has been working hard both in the gym and on the rugby field in preparation for the trip and they, like me, are looking forward to seeing the Alcomet company logo proudly emblazoned on the playing jersey.

    We have a number of fund raising events planned prior to our departure at the end of June and once the kit is delivered I will be in touch again to invite you into school to make a formal presentation to the tour captain Oliver Mann. We would also like at this time to present the official tour photograph to you and your company in recognition of the financial support Alcomet has provided.

    Best Wishes

    Andrew Coalter
    Director of Sport

    The below image is the proposed look of the new kit. We look forward to seeing it on the pitch!

  • Father and Son Set for Cycle Challenge

    Gary James has taken part in various fundraising activities over the years, but now his eldest son Kieran is getting ready to join him in doing his bit for charity.

    In February 2015, the father and son duo will cycle side-by-side across the rural landscape of Myanmar in a bid to raise more money for children’s charity, the NSPCC.

    Famed for its regal history, unique culture and magnificent temples, Burma (Myanmar) remains one of the last unexplored countries in Southeast Asia. The charity challenge will take 6 days to complete, covering 420kms and journeying through many untouched parts of the country.

    Over the next few weeks Gary and Kieran will begin training for their intense bike ride which begins in former royal capital of Mandalay and will involve cycling over difficult terrains and in high temperatures.

    We look forward to seeing the photos on their return!

    For information on how to donate to the NSPCC via Gary's and Keiran's charity challenge please call Gary on 01384 404488 or email him on

  • Alcomet's own Gary James Scoops Award for his Contributions to Charity

    Last month our own Gary James - Managing Director, picked up an award recognising his contribution to the children's charity, the NSPCC.

    The Dudley Volunteer Awards 2014 saw the local communities biggest hearted volunteers rewarded for their work at the prestigious ceremony in Brierley Hill.

    Early last year Gary saw his fundraising figure hit £40,000 after an exhausting 310 mile bike ride through Central America, and he shows no sign of stopping yet!

    Click here to view the article:

  • In the saddle through Central America

    In the saddle through Central America

     Gary sets himself his biggest challenge yet

    Over the years Kingswinford business man Gary James has participated in a range of physically challenging fundraising activities but more recently he pushed his personal boundaries even further.

    In late November this year Gary cycled through Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, his final destination, an astonishing 500 kilometre journey to raise funds for the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children).

    Over the last five years Gary has participated in a number of extreme challenges including walking on the Great Wall of China, a trek to Machu Picchu in Peru and cycled from Saigon in Vietnam to Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

    This year’s grueling adventure was the most physically challenging he has ever undertaken as it involved cycling through undulating terrain with punishing high altitudes and extreme heat and humidity.

    Gary signed up for the challenge with event organisers Discover Adventure who have been running extreme fund raising activities all over the world since 1994. His company Alcomet, suppliers of electrical metals and earthing components to the electricity substation market, has sponsored him.

    Alcomet has supported the NSPCC with many corporate fund raising initiatives including an annual black tie Gala Dinner attended by suppliers and customers in the electricity power generation and transmission sector.

    Gary put himself through a strict training regime to improve his levels of personal fitness to ensure he was able to complete the challenge working closely with personal training expert Jon Hope to achieve his ’tip top’ condition.

    He cycled through, what is considered to be, amongst the world’s most stunning scenery. With primary rainforest and diverse habitats, where there are many species of birds, mammals, reptiles and insects, Central America is home to over 20 percent of the world’s biodiversity.

    He said: “I’m naturally pleased to have completed the challenge as it is was a tough 500 kilometre trip involving high temperatures over rough terrain through primary rainforest, passing smoking volcanoes which meant climbing steep gradients.  But it was a lifetime experience and I am really pleased to have travelled through three Central American countries as well as riding along the beautiful Caribbean coast with banana and pineapple plantations. It was awe-inspiring and took my mind off the fact that I spent 9 days sitting on a very narrow saddle.”

    Gary has to-date raised in excess of a staggering £40,000 over the years for the NSPCC, a charity that aims to end cruelty to children in the UK.

    In 2013 Gary plans to take on the physical and mental challenge of cycling through Death Valley in America. His training will start in the New Year.

  • Charity Challenge - Saigon to Angkor Wat Bike Ride January 2008

    Following Garys' Great Wall of China Trek he has  now set himself another charity challenge.

    He will be tackling a gruelling 500km cycle from Saigon (Vietnam) through the heart of the Mekong Delta to Angkor Wat (Cambodia) in 7 days and hopefully raising lots of money in the process for the NSPCC.

    Gary has paid the full amount of the trip himself so all monies raised go straight to charity.

    The NSPCC relies on 85% of its income from voluntary donations. Please join the many thousands of people who donate to the NSPCC which provides abused and neglected children somewhere to turn. Children are suffering unimaginable cruelty everyday and it must stop. FULL STOP.


  • Martial Arts / Karate Sponsorship

    PC Karate

    April 2007 sees the 25th Anniversary of PC Karate. Paul Campbell, a 6th Dan Shotokan Karate instructor, has dedicated his time building 12 clubs in the West Midlands. His students cover all age ranges, and in line with his recognition by the NSPCC, helps build confidence and responsibility in his younger students, and provides an environment for talented older students to excel. The squad coach for PC Karate is Benjamin Campbell who is a former World Champion, four times English Champion and Twice British Champion.

    Philip Campbell Alcomet has been proud to sponsor PC Karate and have further extended sponsorship to 20 year old Philip Campbell. Philip has Represented the UK in 2006 at a European Weapons and Forms Championship in Portugal and is now training hard towards representing the UK in Sweden, 2007.
    Lauren Jones
    Twelve year old Lauren Jones has been training at PC Karate for 3 Years and is showing huge potential. She competes in both Kata and Kumite.

    Alcomet is proud to be sponsoring Lauren's training and supporting her future competition entries.

    Some of Lauren's successes to date:

    • AMA International Open Championship 2007 Nottingham - 3rd place in Kumite
    • Bushi Kai Open Karate Championship 2007 South Wales - 1st place
    • Ken Yu Kai Open Championship 2007, Manchester - 2nd place
    • Irish International Open 2007, Co Laugh - 1st Kata, 2nd in Kumite, 2nd in pair Kata
    • Western Karate Union Competition 2007 Weston-Super-Mare - 2nd Kumite
    • United Styles Open Championship 2007 Brierley Hill - Lauren Jones 1st place Kumite
    • Welsh Karate Association Open Championships 2007
    • FEKO Children Championships 2007 Wolverhampton University - 3rd place Kumite
    • Gola Open Karate Championships 2007 Halesowen - 1st place kumite
    • UK Open Karate Championships 2007 Briertley Hill - 1st place Kumite

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