GRP Rebar

Alcomet supply GRP / FRP Reinforcing Bar (or Rebar) for use within concrete structures.

Fiber reinforcement bar is made from high strength glass fibre reinforced with vinyl ester resin. The core of the rebar has all the reinforcing fibre (70%wt) along the length of the bar for maximum strength. A helically recess in the surface of the rebar is created in the production process which does not damage the core fibre and is sufficiently deep to give a key to enable the concrete to have a mechanical grip on the rebar.

The stock rebar is supplied in it’s natural unpigmented colour of the resin / glass composite which is a translucent beige. Other colours can be ordered if you are colour coding different ares of a site for example.All the various dimensions are all supplied in standard 5mtr lengths but can be cut to size to suit your requirements.

Benefits for using GRP over traditional steel reinforcements include:

  • GRP Rebar is non conductive which is beneficial within electrical installations such as substations.
  • GRP Rebar doesn’t need earthing in electrical applications unlike tradition steel reinforcement.
  • GRP Rebar is non corrosive which can vastly increase the lifespan of the concrete structures, saving time and money.
  • GRP Rebar is only 25% of the weight of steel alternatives allowing faster more cost effective installation and also making it a much more environmentally friendly alternative.
  • GRP Rebar tensile strength is equal to or exceeds that of equivalent steel.
  • Common applications for GRP rebar would include, but not limited to the following;
    • Applications requiring low electric conductivity or electromagnetic neutrality – electrical substations, bases for transmission and telecommunication towers, railroad crossings, specialised military structures.
    • Structures built in or close to sea water – piers, jetties, docks, off shore platforms, decks.
    • Weight sensitive structures – construction in areas of poor load bearing soil, remote locations, sensitive environments or seismic areas.

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