Portable Earthing

Alcomet supply portable earthing for substations including; Field Earths, Circuit Main Earths, Drain Earths and NSI24 kits.

We also supply Transmission Earth Leads, Distribution Earth Leads and Rail Earth Leads.

Our broad range of Line end clamps, Earth end clamps and Aluflex leads, is suitable for use up to 400kV and covers a range of busbar sizes.

All of our leads come tested and approved with a unique identification number for superior traceability.

If you have any questions please contact our team on 01384 404 488 or simply email your requirements to sales@alcomet.net.

Download our Substation Portable Earth Leads Brochure >>

Circuit Main Earths
Circuit Main Earths (also known as Primary Earths) are typically made up of 150mm2 Aluflex (clear sheath) with lugs and stress springs complete with CE20 Earth End Clamp and CE22A&B Line End Clamp, alternative clamps are also available.

Field Earths

Field Earths (also known as Field Equipment Earths) are used in the earthing of scaffolds, cranes, MEWPs, and other pieces of field equipment.

The super standard makeup for these leads includes 50mm2 Orange Aluflex Lead with lug and stress spring for the earth end and lug and plastic support sleeve for the line end. Standard lengths are 10m & 20m however other lengths available upon request. The standard clamps for this lead are CE20 Earth End Clamp and CE4 Line End Clamp, however alternative clamps are also available.