Earthing Spigots

The aluminium clamp and Spigot system is designed to be permanently fitted to new or existing substation busbars.

It has been developed by the world’s leading substation connector manufacturer to meet a specific UK National Grid design brief.

It accommodates up to five line end clamps suitable for 38mm diameter busbar, reducing the need to use a heavier range of clamps.

The Aluminium Earthing Spigot is designed to be installed easily, either during the initial erection of a new substation busbar system or subsequently, as an enhancement to an existing system.

The machined clamps are supplied in two halves which are bolted together around the busbar using the supplied fasteners and are tightened to prescribed torque settings.

With the Spigot being lightweight it makes it possible for one person to install.

A 38mm diameter Spigot and corona shield, common to all Spigot clamps and busbar sizes, is then bolted onto the clamp. This is positioned horizontally to cater for busbars at any angle from horizontal to 60 degree, before tightening to a prescribed torque setting.

The earthing Spigots fully conform to the requirements of the UK Electricity Supply Industry.

Product Benefits include:

  • Simple to install
  • Suitable for new build or retro upgrades
  • No Accessories required
  • Improves manual handling
  • Reduces earth clamp size
  • Reduces outage time

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