Portable Earth Lead Testing & Repair Service

We recognise the importance of safety and the vital role that portable earthing plays in protecting your team. Our Test and Repair Service ensures your portable earth leads are in perfect working order. Once a lead arrives at our workshop it is fully inspected by one of our specialist engineers with careful attention focussed on cable integrity and all clamp fixings.

Any failures are immediately quarantined and a report is issued identifying the reason for failure and whether the lead is repairable. If a lead is deemed repairable, Alcomet can service and refurbish the lead and clamps, prolonging the life of the equipment and providing a cost effective alternative to full replacement.

FREE 12 MONTH SERVICE – All new portable earth leads supplied by Alcomet automatically come with a FREE 12 month service.

If you have any questions or would like a quote please contact our team on 01384 404 488 or complete the form below:

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