GRP Tubular Handrail System

The modular handrail consists of a glass fibre reinforced isophthalic polyester resin pultruded tube 50mm od x 40mm id to be used as the stanchion post, handrail and knee rail(s).

The sections of tube are joined using glass fibre reinforced isophthalic polyester resin moulded fittings which are connected to the tube using a M6 stainless steel bolts with a special nut so that both the bolt head and the nut are recessed below the surface of the moulded fittings minimising the snagging points for the users.

The handrail system can also be fitted with toe plate (kick plate) where required.? The toe plate is 150mm and meets the requirements given in BS4592.

The tube is the structural part of the handrail system and this complies with all the requirements of BSEN13706, E23 grade ? Specification of pultruded profiles. When assembled according to the manufacturers recommendations specifically with the stanchion at a maximum of 1.25m spacing and the handrail 1.1m from the base, then the system conforms to the requirements for BS4592 Industrial flooring, stair treads and handrails.

The modular handrail system has been independently tested by the Engineering Dept of Lancaster University and the tests confirmed compliance to BS4592.

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