Oil Circuit Breaker Contacts

For over 50 years, Oil Circuit Breakers have been used as an efficient and successful way of detecting and interrupting fault current. As part of the circuit breaker both Moving Male and Fixed Female Contacts are used to carry load current and with the addition of oil and an arc control pot. Under fault conditions these contacts effectively break the generated arc. When this occurs the contacts can become damaged and therefore inefficient or unable to carry load current. Although contacts can extinguish lots of minor faults, severe fault currents can cause irreparable damage.

Alcomet stock a wide range of back engineered and pattern compatible Oil Circuit Breaker Contacts suitable for use with manufacturers such as Brush, Crompton Parkinson, GEC, AEI, South Wales Switchgear and Many Others. Our wide range of Oil Circuit Breaker contacts will ensure you have the parts you need when undertaking routine maintenance or repairs.

Whether you need individual components, or entire sets, we can arrange a call-off process to suit you.

Our standard range is detailed below, however for other models or more information please contact us on 01384 404488 or email sales@alcomet.net.